Launching oSpace – the Next Generation Digital Distributor

Launching oSpace – the Next Generation Digital Distributor

oSpace provides a comprehensive “Digital Coverage Model (DCM)”, built for modern cloud vendors that don’t need or see value in a traditional Tier Two model but still need a strong channel to support their growth, enablement, implementation, and consumption objectives and strategies. The oSpace data insights platform and service provides a “turn-key” MarTech model that offers lead generation via digital marketing solutions; opportunity qualification; partner enablement and management; channel partner and/or vendor pipeline build, management, cadence; advisory, and financing solutions. oSpace leverages a data driven sales intelligence solution to identify and target customers, influence them on the buying journey, deliver sales execution, and channel management as specified in an independent SoW. The launch of oSpace is greatly enhanced by the recent strategic acquisition and completed integration of NovaTech Ventures, giving oSpace increased IP, experienced industry professionals, and inhouse teleprospecting capabilities. 

oSpace is the brain-child of the NEXTGEN Group, who saw the need to modernise the whole distribution model for the new world of largely SaaS vendors coming out of the various ‘Valleys’ in the world. The NEXTGEN Group CEO, John Walters, states, “The technology market is changing at breathtaking speed with new models of delivery and consumption, boundless scale and global reach. It can be difficult to keep up in this data driven world and the modern channel needs a new approach to sales, marketing, and execution to reach customers and influence the buyer’s journey. The NEXTGEN Group was founded to become a force for thought leadership, innovation, and disruption in the distribution market. The launch of oSpace will further dislocate conventional go-to-market methods and be a gamechanger for vendors and partners. oSpace is alive and in market now with over 16 vendor campaigns. It is being utilised and leveraged by next generation vendors that are receiving some great results, especially in this challenging COVID-19 environment”. 

oSpace has been established as a separate entity but can leverage the NEXTGEN Group’s unique channel services offerings of digital marketing, software and cloud advisory, partner enablement, and financing solutions. oSpace aggregates multiple data types and sources to pinpoint the most promising prospects, which are the "best fit" organisations and individuals for sales and marketing teams to engage. Unlike the multitude of current lead generation offerings that simply hand over a lead, oSpace helps apply the right tactics at the right time to influence and improve the customer conversion, and once adequately qualified, then connects it to the right channel partner and continues the interaction to deal closure, providing a “soup to nuts” model. oSpace provides the insight and support needed to determine which customers in the total addressable market (TAM) are ready to engage in either relatively immediate sales or are better placed into a nurturing campaign. oSpace provides a modern and scalable alternative for lead generation, sales finalisation and market representation services that reduce risk by linking investment to performance. 

NEXTGEN Group’s large Australian and New Zealand footprint, coupled with the more recent expansion into Asia, means that the creation and launch of oSpace provides a strategic offering across AsiaPac for modern enterprise technology vendors who want to get into the market and/or enhance their footprint. This can be via a modern sales and channel management as a service model or via the more traditional two-tier model. This is particularly attractive to the Venture Capital and Private Equity firms with a portfolio of vendors at various stages of maturity and GTM requirements. Gurpreet Ghuliani, Operating Partner of Telstra Ventures, one of the largest venture capital firms in AsiaPac states, “We invest in companies that are years ahead in innovation that disrupt traditional ways to make customers successful. In the same light we wanted to find a best of breed partner that shared the same values, passion and commitment to make these investments successful in new markets. I’m very excited about our NEXTGEN Group partnership, leveraging their market leading position and their innovative and customer insight driven approach to deliver new solutions to market. It’s great to be jointly invested with NEXTGEN to drive the success of my portfolio of companies, which includes Crowdstrike and the recently IPO’ed GitLab”. 

oSpace Managing Partner, James Walters, stated, “Customer reaction to oSpace has been incredible. We have been running dedicated programs with our vendors over the past 9 months and the results have been extremely successful in building pipeline and pushing leads through to our partners and/or the vendor, if a designated direct account. The way companies research and buy technology has transformed and we are using data and intelligence to unravel the complexity for our vendors and partners. But the big differentiator is leveraging our NEXTGEN Distribution heritage and experience because we know the channel intimately and can connect to the right partners that deliver unparalleled sales execution”. 

NEXTGEN is continuing to invest heavily to build out and enhance the oSpace model. This includes technology from a myriad of software companies, cutting code to create a robust and agile platform, and recruiting the right people from both inside and outside NEXTGEN. In a strategic leap, the acquisition of NovaTech has underpinned not only the quality of the oSpace team but added an inflight Sales as a Service model. “The coming together of NEXTGEN and NovaTech to enhance oSpace’s market opportunity is very exciting. We are disrupting more traditional models at scale, it is a great fit, and we are enjoying being a part of the strategic growth of the NEXTGEN Group”, comments Brian O’Doherty, Managing Partner of oSpace and founder of NovaTech Ventures.