NEXTGEN launches collaborative cyber security platform CyberLAB

NEXTGEN launches collaborative cyber security platform CyberLAB

Over the past four years the NEXTGEN Group has grown its cyber security practice based on a next generation and best of breed vendor portfolio to meet the demands of the rapidly changing market. The rising awareness around the importance of cybersecurity and the increasing cyber activity has meant increased demands for timely and effective solutions. NEXTGEN’s suite of security solutions and expertise enables channel partners to go to market more effectively with an expanding cyber security vendor suite that provides a holistic cyber solution.

According to research conducted by Cybersecurity Ventures, experts have predicted that cybercrime will cost the global economy $6.1 trillion annually by the end of 2021 and Australians spent over $5.6 billion on cybersecurity in 2020. As the complexity of the threat landscape continued to escalate, customers evaluated and invested in a growing number of vendor technologies to stay secure.

A key problem is often there is no ability to provide demonstration through to a proof of concept (POC) across these multiple vendors and give the customer real confidence around how those technologies actually work together as a holistic cyber solution. As a result of this challenge the NEXTGEN Group has developed the CyberLAB, a technology integration platform built for channel partners to provide customers with the ability to demonstrate and provide POC’s in a single engagement, across NEXTGEN’s vendor portfolio and additional vendors on request.

NEXTGEN’s Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, Ben Sullivan said “We also wanted to provide additional service to our partners through the platform, so we developed a Dynamic Learning Centre, a consortium of knowledge in a single repository. It’s embedded within the CyberLAB platform and designed to demonstrate integrations so partners can learn from the CyberLAB and see how their technology can be integrated in a non-vendor specific environment. It is a collaborative cybersecurity platform where partners can emulate their customer environments to showcase multiple vendor integrations in real time to create seamless security solutions. We saw that partners were frustrated with the length of the sales cycles that traditional distributors were taking to go through the process of discovery, dwell time, demos and POC. CyberLAB expedites the sales process to go from discovery to POC in a single session and will give the customer greater confidence that a multi-vendor solution can deliver the appropriate protection, but also bring more success to partners and vendors through higher sales closure rates.”

Gabe Marzano, NEXTGEN’s Cybersecurity Business Manager said “NEXTGEN is the fastest growing cybersecurity distributor in the region with 800% year on year growth. Our Cyber practice is a highly specialised team of IT security experts which include ex- military cyber professionals. Industry recognised and awarded, the Cyber team supports vendors, specialist partners, and end customers to successfully navigate the IT security landscape. We are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to our vendors and partners and we believe the CyberLAB is another key offering that delivers true value to the channel.”

Vendor support for the initiative has been excellent. For example, Tony Burnside, Netskope’s VP, Asia Pacific observed that “At Netskope we have always had the belief that no single vendor can solve all cyber challenges and true protection is achieved when two or more vendors add value to each other’s technology, resulting in far better outcome for our customers. The NEXTGEN CyberLAB gives Netskope the ability to seamlessly demonstrate and train our partners on the power of integration with vendors such as Netskope, Okta and Imperva with many more to come.”

“The CyberLAB will be relevant not only in Australia but also for partners in New Zealand and up into AsiaPac as we expand our geographical footprint there. The Cybersecurity solutions market is extremely complex and crowded at present, so the NEXTGEN CyberLAB has been designed to help partners simplify and fast-track their cyber solution decision making cycle.”, stated John Walters, NEXTGEN Group’s CEO.


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