WISE 2020: Empowering Women Through Next Generation Networking

WISE 2020: Empowering Women Through Next Generation Networking

NEXTGEN is proud to have hosted the second instalment of the Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment (WISE) forum on the 3rd of December, once again taking the lead and promoting gender balance and diversity within the tech industry and beyond. 

WISE 2020: Empowering Women Through Next Generation Networking

Following the precedent set by the inaugural Forum, we were once again honoured by the involvement of exceptional guest speakers: 

  • Anyier Yuol - Founder & CEO of Miss Sahara Pageant and AMM 

  • Abbie Reynolds - CEO of Predator Free 2050 

  • Emma Jones - Founder & CEO of Project F 

Alongside our guests were NEXTGEN’s very own Wendy O’Keeffe, EVP and MD Asia; Lynne Jeffery, MD New Zealand; and John Walters, Group CEO. NEXTGEN board member and former IDG director Susan Searle moderated the Forum and over 65 executives joined to be inspired and mentored on how to influence, build your profile, and enrich your networks to take your career to the next level. 

All the panelists spoke with honest and candor, providing helpful anecdotes and hints from their own career experiences in their respective industries. Whilst each speaker’s story was different, a common theme emerged that provided a unifying continuity to our panel discussion. All mentors stressed the importance of networking as something to be embraced, not avoided, and spoke at length on the benefits it had provided and winning strategies for overcoming personal reservations whilst avoiding the pitfalls of insincerity, to successfully apply it in their professional careers. 
Due to COVID-19, this year also necessitated us to run WISE as a virtual event which ironically enabled us to be more inclusive, both of speakers and attendees from interstate and overseas. It included a live panel discussion, a keynote presentation, and a mentoring experience with our panelists and speakers. Big shout out to NEXTGEN’s marketing team for coordinating this forum and ensuring all components of the event ran smoothly and succinctly.  

NEXTGEN looks forward to bringing you the next instalment of WISE in 2021 and we could not be happier with the engagement you are providing. 


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