Scaling demand

oSpace is defining the next era in the business of distribution for born in the cloud enterprise software vendors. Combining sophisticated data intelligence, lead and demand generation, account based marketing and sales execution, oSpace helps vendors and partners drive scalable business opportunities. Leveraging innovative services across the NEXTGEN Group ecosystem, oSpace offers the flexibility of a holistic or modular model, with the added convenience and decreased risk of a simple ‘as-a-service’ monthly fee.

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Gain an edge with sophisticated market intelligence

oSpace assists vendors and partners with unique B2B buyer behaviour analytics to better understand the market, pinpoint current opportunities, and find the best channels to take enterprise software and cloud solutions to end-customer organisations.

Increase pipeline and revenue with greater strategic focus

oSpace helps vendors and partners leverage data-driven sales intelligence to identify and target customers, influence them on their buying journeys, and deliver effective sales execution to drive increased pipeline and revenue.

Design a more effective Asia Pacific go-to-market strategy

Combining accurate buyer analytics with marketing and sales execution, oSpace provides an intelligent consumption-based service to deliver the smartest, most cost-effective solution for establishing an Asia Pacific go-to-market strategy.