Register for the AWS Reseller Program through NEXTGEN

You will need to:
- have a valid APN account
- sign the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement

Please note: ‘Distribution Seller’ is the AWS term for a reseller, transacting via distribution.

By submitting the form below, you will initiate the DocuSign process to sign the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement (DSA). AWS will send the DSA directly to the person entered as the signatory below via DocuSign, provided you have a valid APN ID, and meet the minimum accreditation requirements.

APN Partner Tier
To receive AWS discounts via NEXTGEN, you must have signed the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement to transact with NEXTGEN, registered via the NEXTGEN APN link and have a NEXTGEN Trading Account.

How to apply for the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program

These steps are additional to the above DSA requirement.

  1. Log into the APN as the Alliance Lead
  2. Navigate to the “View my APN Account” on the left of the screen
  3. Scroll down to the “Program Details” section. You should see “AWS Public Sector Partner Program.” Click this link.
  4. Navigate through the application process

Note: You must meet eligibility requirements for approval into PSP. These include:

  • Select tier
  • 2+ Public Sector references in the past 24 months (do not need to be AWS specific)
  • 2 AWS Certifications Associate level
  • Public Sector Practice web page with public reference to firms solutions and customer success stories (see How to Build a Microsite)


Execute Public Sector Authorization (PSA)

Upon APN acceptance into the Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program, partners who wish to resell AWS into Public Sector will need to execute the Public Sector Authorization (PSA).

NEXTGEN will connect you with the appropriate AWS Public Sector PDM, who will engage AWS Contracts to issue Partner the PSA. This will come directly from AWS to the Partner as an amendment to the Partner’s Distribution Seller Agreement (DSA).

Please note: Prior to contract being issued, AWS will conduct due diligence including a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) audit as well as a business review specific to Public Sector. This process may take up to a month.