To build your AWS offering, the NEXTGEN Group provides innovative tools and services that help drive a profitable and sustainable AWS practice.

Enable your customers to achieve digital transformation on the world’s leading hyperscale platform with unique, packaged tool sets across billing, demand generation, cloud economics, automation, provisioning, and more.


With real-time cost data, automated service provisioning, and account separation – powered by CloudCheckr – the NEXTGEN Group simplifies your AWS billing and reporting. This allows you to accelerate sales processes, drive faster cloud migrations, and automate the cloud services lifecycle.

Adopting NEXTGEN Group’s partner-friendly, turnkey solution reduces complexity while safely and securely growing your AWS business.

CONNECT is NEXTGEN Group’s scalable digital platform for building and supporting online marketplaces to initiate new business growth. CONNECT builds partnerships with the world’s leading software vendors and services companies to accelerate the delivery of cloud-based marketplace services for your organisation.

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Build a profitable
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AWS practice

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Help customers achieve digital transformation

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Drive faster cloud migrations

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Turnkey solutions to reduce complexity


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