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With established, growing, and emerging enterprise software and cloud vendors and their reseller partners, NEXTGEN Distribution has expertise in business development, digital enterprise, cybersecurity, and data resilience.

We are highly focused on collaborating with best-of-breed technology pioneers with integrated architectures designed to help reseller partners grow and succeed across Asia Pacific and the world.

The Essential Eight

Protect your business and critical data against cyber threats

To help protect your organisation from various cyber threats the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed a set of thirty-seven mitigation measures; the Essential Eight are a subset of these. These are the baseline strategies designed to prevent malware delivery and execution, and help ensure data recovery and system availability. The Essential Eight has been designed to protect Microsoft Windows-based internet-connected networks. Correctly implementing the Essential Eight can save your business time, money and effort if you have to respond to a large-scale cyber security incident. 

The specialist cyber team at NEXTGEN are highly trained and experienced IT security experts and ex-Australian military cyber security professionals. Industry recognised and awarded, the Cyber team supports vendors, specialist partners, and end-customers to successfully navigate the implementation of the Essential Eight strategies for your business or organisation.