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NEXTGEN Group is reinventing distribution through innovation. Register to become a NEXTGEN Partner and discover how our pioneering vendors, deep solution area skills and unique value added services can help your business grow and prosper.

Partner Benefits

Our team becomes your team. At NEXTGEN, we provide partners with the right people, processes, and platforms. All designed to fast-track the growth of your business. Become a Partner today to enjoy our partner benefits.



  • In-depth knowledge of vendor product solutions from our experienced team.

  • Advice on licensing reviews, audits, and cloud economics.

  • Invitations to numerous workshops, seminars and events hosted by NEXTGEN Group and featuring industry-leading guest speakers.




  • Access to cutting-edge products, services and solutions from leading technology vendors.

  • Value-add business services and marketing programs designed to drive revenue and profitability.

  • Simplified engagement services with large and complex vendors.



  • Implementing a recurring cloud revenue model while adding consulting services into your portfolio.

  • Exploring business opportunities with a focus on establishing and growing new vendor relationships.

  • Enabling customers to streamline their transition from on-premise to cloud.

  • Simple, risk-free technology financing service and flexible payment solutions.

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