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Aligning solutions with real-world needs

Tailored visualisation, 
way beyond demos

The NEXTGEN CyberLAB is a transformative platform designed to create bespoke Proofs of Concept (PoCs) or labs based on specific use cases tailored to unique environments and verticals.

Equipped to support any vendor in our best-in-class portfolio, the CyberLAB can assemble coherent multi-vendor solution PoCs or simple single-vendor repeatable demonstrations - in either case providing precise, relevant experiences aligned to operational realities.


Benefits for the whole value chain

By aligning solutions with real-world needs and facilitating seamless multi-vendor integrations, the CyberLAB platform is the new industry standard that revolutionises the way Vendors, Partner and End Users collaborate to deploy the best solutions.


For Vendors

  • An amazing platform to showcase products within multi-vendor solutions.
  • Removes barriers to entry for the channel to self-serve incredible demonstrations.
  • Efficient, mobile, collaborative and exciting alternative to traditional demo environments.

For Partners

  • A centralised hub for deploying vendor demos.
  • Opportunity to be a part of tailored solutions, meeting specific use-case needs.
  • Enhanced collaboration, bridging the vendor-partner-end user nexus.

For End Users

  • Empowerment to influence the demo narrative, choosing tech that fits their specific needs.
  • Reduces or removes end user effort required to receive a demo or PoC - log in and trial risk free.
  • Vertical-specific use-case demonstrations ensure relevance.

Unique, powerful and easy to use

Our ability to demonstrate integrations across a multitude of vendors is unparalleled in the market. This means you gain competitive advantage by showcasing individual products as integral components of comprehensive, more effective - and more valuable - solutions, tailored to distinct scenarios. 

And it's easy to drive. The adaptability, speed, and customisation available through our central hub means you can quickly and easily deploy vendor demos that truly represent highly specific use cases, regardless of their complexity.


AWS integration

Integration for direct deployment into an AWS account gives users complete AWS console interaction. Simplifies IaaS product demonstrations with a new AWS account provisioned with each environment.  


Full customisation

Build unique, intuitive environments using customisation options for operating systems, corporate branding, and a range of tools from Microsoft Active Directory to Microsoft 365 applications, and much more.


Enhanced functionality

Effortlessly transfer files to and from the CyberLAB and add custom images to our vast repository. Advanced networking features, including packet captures, replays, and port forwarding.

End users win

The CyberLAB changes the traditional narrative. By enabling vendors and partners to better validate their applicability, end users can actively influence the demo process to make better technology selections that are vertical-specific and fully aligned with their operational realities.

Everyone wins


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