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NEXTGEN Group's various vendors run monthly, quarterly and one-off promotions to incentivise partners to make strategic business decisions.

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NEXTGEN Incentive Program

We are excited to introduce you to INCENTA! NEXTGEN Group's Vendor Incentive program, designed to reward our partners for identifying and registering new business opportunities. 

By registering your opportunity through NEXTGEN's Vendor Incentives program, you'll have the chance to receive a range of rewards, depending on the vendor and opportunity in question. We have a variety of incentives on offer, from digital Mastercards and travel vouchers to exclusive training and education programs.



AWS - Click to Cloud Kits. Simple, Scalable AWS solutions designed for SMBs

Accelerate business growth and have your customers enjoy the benefits of industry-leading AWS services with NEXTGEN Group’s AWS Click to Cloud Kits. Designed to enable SMBs to adopt and deploy AWS solutions without the need for extensive technical expertise or cost of dedicated resources, these carefully curated selections of AWS services, resources, and tools, allow your customers to cost-effectively embrace the power of cloud computing.


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OPENTEXT - Exclusive offer on VUFDs

We're offering discounted pricing on VUFDs through June 21st 2024, so now is the best time to jump on this opportunity.

As the fiscal year nears its conclusion, seize this critical opportunity to enhance your customers' operational efficiency and financial advantage. By choosing LoadRunner Virtual User Flex Days (VUFD) now, they can strategically allocate their remaining budgets to secure a flexible solution that extends its value over the next 12 months. This decision not only optimizes current financial resources but allows them to consume the VUFD’s as required.

Whether ramping up for peak testing periods, exploring additional protocols, or enhancing their service delivery, VUFDs provide an unparalleled blend of versatility and value. With special discounted pricing available until June 21st, 2024, there’s never been a better time to enhance your customers performance testing capabilities while judiciously employing their end-of-year budgets.