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Box started in 2005 as a way to make it easy to access information from anywhere and collaborate with anyone. While that vision still lies at the core of their business, it has transformed into their mission to power how the world works together. Today, Box is proud to call 97,000 companies and 68% of the Fortune 500 customers — and they're just getting started. As work continues to evolve, Box stays focused on delivering innovation to organisations across the globe and blowing their customers' minds every day.

Why Box and NEXTGEN?

The highly experienced teams of NEXTGEN Group and Box combine to offer advanced knowledge and expertise that help partners grow their businesses through the distribution and services of innovative enterprise technologies. 

Together NEXTGEN Group and Endace enable partners to provide end customers with digital enterprise solutions designed to identify new business opportunities that achieve accelerated growth. This includes:

  • Advice on Licensing Reviews, Audits, and Cloud Economics

  • Software-defined Storage

  • IT Infrastructure Management

  • Application Delivery Solutions

  • Self-Service Management

  • Application Service Assurance

  • Integration and API Management

  • Data Visualisation and Data Management

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Cost Management

  • Risk Management



Security & Compliance: 

  • Box core security
  • Box Shield
  • Box Governance
  • Box Zones 
  • Box KeySafe
  • Data Privacy
  • Industry Compliance
  • IT and admin console

Collaboration and Workflow:

  • Collaboration on Box 
  • Box Canvas
  • Box Drive
  • Box Relay 
  • Box Sign 
  • Box Notes
  • Box Platform 
  • Box Skills Kit
  • Box Mobile 




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