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Businesses rely on DeCYFIR to provide them with early warnings of impending cyberattacks. The powerful platform connects hackers, motives, campaigns, and method. With these insights, security leaders gain an advantage over cybercriminals and are better prepared to fend off attacks.

With comprehensive threat visibility combined with intelligence and actionable insights, we are the trusted advisor, partner and digital enabler to forward-thinking leaders who are accelerating transformative growth.
We are an external threat landscape platform management company. We combine cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery and digital risk protection to deliver early warning, personalized, contextual, outside-in, and multi-layered insights.

Why Cyfirma and NEXTGEN?

With a highly specialised team - including Australian ex-military cyber security professionals - the NEXTGEN Cyber team alongside Azul helps you navigate the evolving and complex IT security landscape.

Together, NEXTGEN Cyber and Cyfirma help partners grow their business by enabling them to provide end-customers with a range of security solutions and better-together plays, including:

  • Attack Surface Vulnerability

  • Threat Management

  • Firewall Optimisation

  • Change Management

  • End-to-end Network Assurance

  • Integrated Security Management

  • Network Security and Visibility

  • Advanced Threat Detection and Ransomware Containment

  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

  • Incident Response


  • DeCYFIR Threat Visibility and Intelligence
  • DeTCTDigital Risk Discovery
  • DeFNCECyber Defence Mobile App




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